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Terms of Service
User Agreement
These Terms of Use ("Terms", including our Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policies) apply to you as a member at KayAds.
When registering at KayAds, you confirm you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions.
If you do not agree to any of these terms, you must not register.
1. Privacy Policy

1.1. Your browser must accept cookies.

1.2. Your email addresses will not be shown, given or sold.

1.3. Your user password will be stored in an irreversible format.

1.4. Your username will be kept hidden by default from other users if you sign up without a referrer.

1.5. KayAds is not responsible for any of the contents in advertisements shown at KayAds. This applies to all advertisement information we may display. All advertisements are the responsibility of its advertiser and you must comply to their own Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.

2. User Account

2.1. Accounts are not transferable. It is forbidden to transfer or sell accounts.

2.2. You can only have one account. Any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the termination of all of them. This also applies to your Faucetpay, Payeer and Perfect Money account which has to be unique and not shared with another user.

2.3. Each advertisement can be viewed by the same IP only once per 24 hours. For viewing advertisements an internet connection must be used only by a single user every 24 hours. Any attempt to do otherwise may lead to the termination of your account. You can use multiple IP addresses to login. Logging in from proxies/VPN or shared network environments (such as, but not limited to schools, LAN houses, cybercafes, etc.) is not allowed.

2.4. Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements. If more than one account in a single computer view advertisements, all of those accounts will be permanently suspended.

2.5. KayAds will not modify user account information based on user request. Any username/upline change requests will be declined.

2.6. Users using false information when registering or changing their personal settings will have their account suspended.

2.7. You must not automatically redirect any page to KayAds or include the KayAds site inside any other site visible or not.

2.8. Any attempt to manually or automatically reload/view pages intensively will lead to the permanent suspension of your account.

3. Referrals

3.1. You may refer as many people as you want.

3.2. Every one of your referrals, as users, must have a unique email address.

3.3. You must not send unsolicited email or force anyone in any other way into becoming your referral. You also cannot use any service that attempts to sell you referrals. We will verify such incidents and they will result in account termination.

3.4. Rented referrals are distributed based on an activity rule but we cannot predict or assure how they will behave afterwards.

3.5. You can only rent referrals when they are available and within the limits of your current membership. Having more referrals than the allowed amount will result in the deactivation of the earnings from all referrals.

3.6. The clicks you earn from referrals are directly related to the clicks you make. If you click at least 4 advertisements being a Standard member or you click at least 8 advertisements being a Upgraded member, you'll receive all clicks made from your referrals. If you click below that, the maximum you will receive is only the amount of clicks you've made multiplied by the number of referrals you have. The referral clicks will be calculated based on the clicks you made on the previous day. These calculations are based on the server time which can be seen in the (View Ads) page.

3.7. A referral will never be able to modify the member who referred him/her.

3.8. The clicks made by your referrals will be credited to your account instantly. However, depending on the server load, they can be credited within 24 hours.

3.9. The amount of referrals is limited based on the referrer's membership. The users can see the limit in the referrals listing page.

4. Anti-Cheat Policy

4.1. Each attempt, in any way, to hack into the system will be logged.

4.2. Sometimes we will warn you, sometimes we will not. In either way, when you request payout, our monitoring system will analyze your actions and take its own actions in return. Normally, attempts to hack the system will result in account termination.

4.3. We may or may not inform you that your account was terminated. In the first case, we will send you an email. In either case, you will be notified as soon as you try to use any of the services at KayAds.

4.4. Each attempt, in any way, to Cheat into our game page will result in account termination.

5. Payments to Users

5.1. All payments will be made via Faucetpay, Payeer and Perfect Money. No other method of payment is available at this time. You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you've used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount. The maximum amount you can request to the other payment processors is equal to the value of the purchases you've made through them individually. In the event of equal most value of purchases between two or more payment processors you can make an unlimited payment request for each one that is part of the par.

5.2. All payments will be made instantly upon request or within 48 hours after being requested if the payment processor services are down.

5.3. The minimum amount paid is $10.00. From the amount paid, a small fee can be deducted depending on the payment processor you use.

5.4. You can only request one payment at a time.

5.5. You must have a correct and existing Faucetpay, Perfect Money or Payeer account. All payments will go directly to that user's account and cannot be canceled.

5.6. Users must accept the payments made to their Faucetpay, Perfect Money or Payeer accounts in 30 calendar days or will have the payment canceled and it will not be refunded.

5.7. Any refund of any payment we send you will be ignored and it won't be added back to your account nor sent again.

6. Payments to KayAds

6.1. All payments are to be made using the links available at "your account". No other method of payment will be accepted.

6.2. All payments are non-refundable.

6.3. Payments made to KayAds do not need to be made from a verified payment processor account.

6.4. All chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account suspension.

7. Refund Policy

7.1. The purchase of upgrade is non-refundable.

7.2. The purchase of exposure packages and clicks for your ads are non-refundable.

7.3. The purchase of exposure packages for your banners are non-refundable.

8. Advertisements

8.1. We accept any kind of advertisement except for pages that break out of frames, have malicious code, redirect to another page, have adult or illegal content, contain any kind of multi-level offers, contain referral sales. Also, any advertisement that uses KayAds's name for any unrelated services is not allowed. Your advertised webpage must load within 10 seconds as the progress bar counting the exposure period will begin by then. Your advertised website must be capable of supporting multiple visits per second.

8.2. You, as a user, can only earn from each advertisement once each 24 hours.

8.3. Advertisements can be viewed on mobile phones/tablets.

9. Account Suspension

9.1. We have the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason including, but not limited to, the disrespect of our ToS.

9.2. All suspended accounts will have all their balances reset, all referrals taken away and no refunds will be given.

9.3. All suspended accounts will be archived and you cannot register using the same username or email addresses.

9.4. After 30 days of inactivity, your account will be temporarily suspended and permanently suspended after 60 days of inactivity.

9.5. We won't delete users' accounts for any reason even if they are active, terminated or suspended.

10. Liability

10.1. KayAds will not be liable for any kind of delays or failures that are not directly related to KayAds and therefore beyond our control.

10.2. KayAds reserves the right to alter the Terms of Service at any time, including fees, special offers, benefits and rules, amongst others, and also reserves the right to cancel its services any time and without any notice.

10.3. KayAds will not be held responsible for any of its users, advertisers or advertisements. This also includes every supplier we depend on.